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    The Anointed Voices of Rice, Virginia and the Springfield Travelers of Meherrin, Virginia will be singing at Race Street Baptist Church on Saturday, June 23rd at 5:00 p.m.   Cathy Allen-Williams will be singing with the Anointed Voices with Perry Carrington playing the keyboard.  Mickie Carrington (Perry's wife) will be the Mistress of Ceremony. All are invited to attend.  

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On July 2, 2007, after walking outside and taking in the beauty of God’s majestic and awesome world, God gave me a poem called, “Who Else but God?” The words were beautiful because God gave them to me, not because I wrote them on paper. My husband and daughter loved the poem. I read it at church, and they loved it as well. However, I put it away. Eventually, I realized that God did not give me the poem to keep in a folder on my computer. It was meant to be heard and for someone to stop and think, “Who Else but God?”  My sister, Cathy would be perfect for the song.

 Shortly thereafter, I saw a local known musician and singer, Perry Carrington. I told him I had a poem and asked him if he wrote music. He said “no”, but he would see what he could do. The next day, he had recorded a CD for me to listen to. When I heard what Perry had done with the vocals and music, I wanted both Perry and Cathy to sing “Who Else but God?” Although they have been singing for many years, this is their first project together.

Over the past few months, we chose a collection of songs by well-known favorites like Yolanda Adams and Andrae Crouch, traditional old-time gospel favorites, and original contemporary songs to put on a CD. “Who Else but God?” was written primarily about acknowledging God’s presence in the things we can see. “It Was He” is about the things we cannot see, but things we feel within our hearts. “Take Time for Jesus” is about sacrificing time for Jesus because He sacrificed His life for us. We pray that this collection will be a blessing to every listener.

                                                                                           Cheryl A. Lee